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Wire Rope Products

Besides numerous types of wire rope, CWR Hawaii Inc also stocks wire rope fittings and rigging supplies like:

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Rigging supplies for all of your needs in Honolulu, HI

Rope & Cordage Products

CWR Hawaii Inc has a huge stock of rigging supplies in Honolulu including cordage and rope of various types from a number of manufacturers. Our cordage and rope products are used in many types of applications, such as: bridles, guy lines, lashings, hawsers, rope slings, running rigging and mooring systems.

Chain & Accessories

Take your pick from rigging supplies that we offer in Honolulu because we carry chain and chain accessory products that include general purpose, high-strength alloy, and stud link chains

Rigging Equipment

In addition to our rigging supplies, CWR Hawaii Inc also has a large variety of hoists on sale. This includes manual and mechanically powered (electric and pneumatic) units from a number of manufacturers. You also have your choice from an assortment of Com-A-Longs and a trolley. Contact an account manager in Honolulu for more information.